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composite dust extractions system


composite dust extractions system

Technical parameters:

Voltage Voltage: 1HP 220V
Current Current: 7A
Power Power: 1500W

Air flow: Air Flow: 210m3 / h

Negative Pressure Water Mt: 2274mm/H20

Capacity Tank: 26L

Socket Socket: 2 x 220V supply pressure Air Pressure: 0.8Mpa

Tool system supporting:

1, Dust host, industrial vacuum cleaners, with automatic switching function, can work 24 hours continuously, automatic pulse cleaning filter.

2, Cantilever, 5 m cantilever, optional 6 m cantilever

3, The control terminal, the energy of the servo system with compressed air, allowing the use of two tools

4, Sanding machines, pneumatic eccentric circular grinding machine, coarse intermediate sanding surfaces, planes, stroke of 5 mm

5, Sander, pneumatic track vibration Square grinding machine, grinding flat, straight edge, stroke of 5 mm

6, The dust collection tube, vacuum hose length 3.5 m, connecting pneumatic grinding machine and workstation

7, Sandpaper